One of the most common mistakes that most mechanics make is that they purchase tire changers without having a clear idea about them. They might not have any idea about which tire changer they should get for their shop without consulting with a professional and may make a costly purchasing mistake. Unlike car lifts, where you can figure out if the lift is the right one for your car by measuring the size of your garage, finding the right tire changers can be quite tricky.

One of the major reasons for finding suitable tire changers to be tricky is mainly due to the numerous features that they have. Some of them may have hydraulic drop-rollers, while some others may have swing arms, making them highly sophisticated. If you are planning to purchase a tire changer and are confused about the features that you need, you may look into this guide to make the right decisions.

Thinking that a 30’’ clamp will fit a 30’’ tire

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make while purchasing a tire changer is believing that the size of the clamp and tire need to be the same. For instance, let’s say that we bought turntable clamps that extend to 30”, but it doesn’t mean that it will work for a 30’’ tire. If you want a tire changer to work properly, the wheel size should be smaller than the maximum range to which the turntable can be extended. So, while purchasing tire changers make sure to buy the one that will extend to the proper diameter. Also, consider whether you are going to clamp your vehicle internally or externally.

Do not buy a tire change just because they are expensive

cool features

You might think that a very expensive tire changer that offers a lot of cool features will be the best option for your tires. This is a big misconception. The tire changers with some appealing features are made for high-performing wheels and tires. If you are getting a model of tire changer that cost more than others, it will be mostly made for high-performance tires and if your tire is not a high-performing one, then it will be of no use. Therefore, instead of making quick purchase decisions, you can talk to an expert and tell them about your needs.

Go for swing/ assist arm

You should not miss out on the benefits that assist/ swing arm offers you. Even though it may cost a bit more, it will save a lot of your time and enhance the efficiency of your business.

Before buying a tire changer, talk to an expert to make the right decision.