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Washing Equipments
Make your car as good as new with the different washing equipment we offer for your car to clean it inside out.
Car Wash Chemicals
Throughout the entire process, we wash your car with safe chemicals that are industry standard and leave it looking shinier.
Tire Changers
With the aid of our cutting-edge tyre changing tools, our tyre technicians can quickly remove and reinstall your tyres.

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We Offer Full Service Auto Repair & Maintenance

Our service centre can care for most of your auto repair and maintenance requirements, whether you need an oil change, a tyre rotation, or a regular checkup. View our list of available auto maintenance and repair services.
Our diagnostic team performs a thorough diagnostic test to ascertain whether your car’s engine, battery, or other components are malfunctioning.
Dent & Paint
Get the car’s exterior body painted with the closest fitting paint after removing all the dents and scratches.
Oil / Lube / Filters
To keep the engine in your car performing at its best, we use a wide selection of the best-branded oils and lubricants.
We check your car’s brakes so we can spot brake issues early and reduce your risk of auto accidents.
Get your suspension checked for a controlled, comfortable ride that maximises tire-road contact area for stable steering and responsive handling.
By giving the car a thorough checkup that improves its appearance and removes exterior scratches, you can lengthen its lifespan and raise its sale price.

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Professional Auto Repair & Maintanance

Get the best, most experienced technicians to work on your car, and they’ll focus on every little detail to keep it safe and operating properly on the road.


Wheel Aligners

For safer driving, our wheel alignment systems can quickly perform accurate, thorough checks on the toe-in to prevent replacement before time.


Automotive Lifts

We lift your car off the ground so that our technicians can check that everything is working properly by peering into places that are out of the reach of their regular vision.


Tools & Accessories

We have a wide selection of tools and accessories for use in cars, including music systems, cleaning supplies, and other items from name-brand manufacturers.

Most Trusted Tools & Equipments For Service Industry

Happy Customers

“They provide an incredibly quick and good service that took excellent care of my car by washing it quickly and paying close attention to every detail.”

“My car got a pretty huge dent. But their skilled technicians made sure to take care of the dent and paint it in a way that makes it look brand new.”

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