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The Dylan Redwine case has gripped Colorado for over 2 years.  Pete has worked closely with the investigators in Durango, CO to identify a 'Person of Interest.'  The investigation continues and charges are expected. 

Pete has been retained as an expert witness in a pending civil suit in Federal Court.  The facts of the case cannot be revealed at the present time except that it involves a major national media personality.  

As a result of his first book, "FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil," Pete was contacted by attorneys in Nebraska and asked to be an expert witness.  The attorneys chose not to call Pete as a witness and lost the case in court.  

Pete is regularly called upon by Canadian National TV, CNN, MSNBC, national radio and print media to provide expert commentary on major developing cases.  

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                       Experience makes us the best at what we do.

In September of 2016, Pete was  invited to Romania to speak to 150 prosecutors, medical examiners and investigators on 'Criminal Profiling.'  This was a 4 day conference on Forensics and Pete was then awarded standing as a 'Diplomat to the Romanian National Police."  

October of 2016 found Pete being invited to be the Keynote Speaker, again on Criminal Profiling, at a National Homicide Investigator's conference in Dallas, Texas, with an audience of 450.

Pete has worked closely with the American Society of Cold Case Investigators on several cases over the past two years.  Each case provides a unique set of facts and challenges to either assess or profile.  

Working closely with the El Paso County (Colorado) D.A.'s office, Pete assisted the prosecution team by providing an accurate profile of a 20 year old case.  The defendant was convicted of two murders at trial and is currently serving a life sentence.  

Pete was honored to be a featured speaker on "Violent Sexual Predators" at the Colorado Distric Attorney's yearly conference in 2014 in Steamboat Springs.