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                    Released in May of 2015, this is   
                                 Pete's latest book                        

                   “FBI DIARY: HOME GROWN TERROR”

                    (Inside the Investigation and Greatest Manhunt in the West)   

May, 1998 – Three heavily-armed, survivalist, para-military men steal a commercial water truck and ambush Cortez, Colorado Police Officer Dale Claxton. This is the complete inside story of that cold-blooded murder, decade-long investigation and search as only a few can tell it. And until now, no one involved in the case has.

Pete Klismet was one of the original FBI Special Agents to arrive in the hours after the death of Officer Claxton, which was followed by a wild, bullet-riddled chase through Cortez, rivaling anything seen in an action movie. Three officers were seriously wounded, seven police cars were put out of commission, and an entire community and region of the west was terrorized.  

Award-winning author Klismet captivated readers with his books FBI DIARY: PROFILES OF EVIL and FBI ANIMAL HOUSE. He has done it again with his latest release by Global Publishing Group. Readers will step into the shoes of an FBI Agent as he works with many others to put together the pieces and uncover the clues the killers have left behind. FBI DIARY: HOME GROWN TERROR is spine-tingling suspense that heightens the senses and creates awareness of what really happened behind the scenes. It is a meticulously-researched book, with every chapter ending in a cliff-hanger that drives the reader on to the next.

Available in print and Ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Information on the Author and his latest release can be found at: www.GlobalPublishingGroupLLC.com.