Criminal Profiling Associates 
was founded in 2008 as the 
Colorado Advanced Police Training Institute (CAPTI).
CAPTI's main objective was to conduct schools and other training in Criminal Profiling for law enforcement officers.

In 2012, after numerous requests for the founder, Peter Klismet, to provide profiles and assessments on both criminal and civil cases, we have redirected our focus and are now mainly a consulting business. 

Recent Cases
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6260 Revelstoke Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80924


Assisting law enforcement and prosecutors with trial preparation and 
      assessment of persons charged with crimes.

Providing criminal profiles and crime assessments to law enforcement and
      prosecuting attorney’s offices.

Reviewing ‘Cold Cases’ to identify behavioral clues in various crimes and 
      to provide leads and other information to criminal investigators.

Working with private individuals on matters of importance to them.

Assisting attorneys in civil cases when and if our services can be of use.

Expert testimony in the behavioral aspects of crime assessment.

      Please Note:  We have not and do not accept every case which we 
                           are asked to work.  If we do not believe it is within our 
                           area of expertise, we will quickly tell you so.

       Fees:  Depending on the circumstances involved, we will work with 
                 you to negotiate an amount which is acceptable to both parties.  

          Our Focus